Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Advice from A Cat (our cat Suki)...

 Being a Studio Cat is exhausting, rest often!
Investigate everything, no detail is too small to escape notice!
 Have someone adore you enough to be comfortable with who you are.
 Record keeping is hard work.
 Taxes and paperwork are exhausting.
 Mom's can be tough, but they love you.
 Return to your roots for comfort, even if it doesn't quite fit you anymore.
 Bead sorting is EXHAUSTING!
 I heard the key chain rattle!  WHERE is that red dot?!!!!
 Napping in luggage is the best!  However, be careful you don't sleep TOO long!
 If you can't see me, will I get to go along?
 Oh man, you found me!
 Kneading dough on anything is very relaxing!
 You can never have enough things to chew on!  Dental health is important!
 Cuteness will often excuse you from unfortunate decisions!
Often, things just need to be viewed from a different angle.
 There is no such thing as too many cute cat pictures!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE it -- that Suki looks like a very capable studio assistant who knows how to prioritize.

Thanks for the tips, Suki!

ps -- think she would do my taxes if I asked nicely?

Anonymous said...

LOL! Sampson to this day will look at the wall if he hears the rattle of that darn chain on it (its teeny too) its been close to 4 years since he was addicted and literally addicted.... Suki is cute loved the pics!

Anonymous said...

These were very cute made me laugh and I needed that! Love you! Cait

Pixybug Designs said...

Aww Thanks Cait! Love you too!

Bridget, Sampson sounds A LOT like Suki! She still hasn't figured out that the rattle is a trap, rousing her to bring her from hiding to be put to bed!

Shea, she is a wonderful studio cat except when she is knocking things to the floor or sitting RIGHT in the middle of the project you are working on or trying to sit on Chris's lap while he is torching!

The Folk Art Tree said...

Suki is adorable! I have 4 cats who wreak havoc in my world too. They are such a delight. Suki seems to have a grasp of enjoying life!

Pixybug Designs said...

Thanks Pam, Suki does live her life on the edge of CATastrophe! Gotta admire her for that!

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