Monday, January 24, 2011

Trial run for a guest blogger...

In 9 days I leave for Tucson Bead Show circuit!  Can't believe I am getting to go with my boss, Julie and co-workers Trish and Mary, from the bead store I work at part time!  While I am gone, I doubt I will be able to blog since I will only have my camera and iPod Touch, so Chris has been drafted to fill in for me!  Here is his first attempt at blogging.

Greetings!  I am doing a trial run at blogging to be prepared for when Steph runs away from home for a few days.  She wants me to keep everybody updated while she is on her Tuscon trip.  I have given her instructions to take lots of pictures.  The new little camera she has will shoot 200 pictures to a battery charge and the memory card will hold about 1200 pictures.  Hopefully she will have lots of wonderful pictures to share with all of us unlucky enough not to be going to Tucson!

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