Friday, January 28, 2011

Honored and Amazed

I happened to check my blog visitor counter today!  Oh My Goodness!  This week, 282 people have visited here!  Altogether, 11726 visits have been logged in the past year and a half - ish that I have used this counter (wish it would add them altogether, but it shows them as page loads/page visits, then I add them together).  Another interesting point, the counter shows me that the people are coming directly to my blog to read it instead of coming from a linked blog.  My favorite part of the counter system is a world map that shows where all of the readers come from.  Current visitor info shows readers from the United Kingdom and India, besides all of the wonderful people from the U.S. reading my posts.
Thank you!  I am humbled and honored to have you stop by to check in.  Happy Weekend!

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