Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Happiness is...

Snoopy Pictures
When I was growing up Charlie Brown holiday specials were big.  I also remember reading the "Happiness is a Warm Puppy."
So today I thought I would do my own "Happiness Is" List, because it is WAY too easy to be grumpy and negative.
Happiness is:
  • Chris (my true love, college sweetheart)
  • Mina (a gift from heaven which I am thankful for each and every day)
  • Sunshine
  • New Beads
  • Time with Chris & Mina at supper.  Our time to come together during the day, listen to books on tape, and LAUGH.  We laugh A LOT at supper!
  • Books on Tape/CD (what a WONDERFUL invention)
  • The Hastings Library (they ROCK!)
  • Friends to share the good and the bad, and just having someone to vent too.
  • Jobs that I love (most days) going to, and I am thankful to have them
  • A creative outlet to express myself in my beading, and to have the extra connection to share with Chris.
  • Snoopy, love the happy dance song, in fact I put it on my iPod just the other day.
  • Calvin & Hobbes, man do I miss them!  Love the imagination Calvin had, and how naughty he was but he loved Hobbes unconditionally.
  • Our cats, they make me laugh and feel loved every day!
  • Clutter, though I cuss it often, I have the blessing of clutter, and a house to contain it (barely!)
So what are you thankful for today?  What makes you want to do the happy dance?  What is your "warm puppy"?  Whatever it is, I hope you have it in abundance!


Pretty Things said...

What a great list, and a great way to look at things.

Pixybug Designs said...

Thanks Lori!

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