Monday, November 1, 2010

Frost on the Pumpkins, I think...

This morning was the first autumn day I have had frost on my car window.  I was told that it was 28 degrees this morning (weather is a very important topic of conversation here in Nebraska). I honestly didn't notice if there was frost on the pumpkins (or if the pumpkins made it through Halloween night to be frosted on!)  I suppose it is the time to expect more signs of autumn ebbing away into the shorter daylight hours of winter.  I suffer with SAD (seasonal affective disorder) so I really hate to see the days of low light, or no sunshine come round again.  Speaking of frost, Chris has been working on snowgals and I bought some lovely pink beads from by C Boutique to make a pretty soft pink bracelet with perhaps a lovely silver snowflake charm.  New pictures soon!

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