Thursday, October 21, 2010

Jewelry To Match...

I think one of the greatest benefits to making your own jewelry, is making it to match your wardrobe!  I have a great time matching things to what I wear, and because I am a creature of habit, I wear quite a few items in the same color palettes.  This means whatever jewelry I make can be worn with several outfits.  The other wonderful advantage to living with your own lampwork bead maker is having him sculpture whatever crazy thing pops into your head (or shopping bag)!

I love sweaters, and my favorite store to shop at is CJ Banks.  All of the sweater pictures came from their website (wonderful if you don't live near a store)!
Chris could make cardinal beads and snowy birdhouses to go with this sweater.
This sweater would be fun to wear with Chris's cutie Snow Girl earrings and necklace.

This would be a wonderful sweater to make geometrical jewelry on funky chain to wear with it.
This is my newest sweater purchase and Chris started making coffee cup beads for it last night! I also asked for mugs of cappuccino and coffee beans to make jewelry with!  When I mention pastries, donuts, and cupcakes too, he gave me the LOOK.  I receive it often when I get carried away with giving him bead making suggestions!


~Leslie Lemke~ said...

What great ideas...I love your coffee sweater...that color will look good on you!

Pixybug Designs said...

Thanks! I love it too!

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