Tuesday, October 12, 2010

"Frank"ly My Dear...

I couldn't let one more day go by without showing you my finished piece!  Frankie turned out so awesome, and it was all freeform!  I didn't have a design in mind when I started him.  I just glued him down and started beading.
This photo gives you a closer look at the details.  I used all sorts of colors and sizes of seed beads, a vintage crystal in the center of the flower, Lucite leaves, copper beads, pearls, and other crystals to make my design.
Just a bit wider shot to show more of the detail.  I am so happy with the piece, though I am planning on making a couple smaller side pieces to attach to him to make it more of a collar style piece.  I had wonderful compliments on him a the Lincoln Bead Show Saturday.  I love beading, and making jewelry, but the bead embroidery is something I do for me.  I get to express myself in ways that I can't with my other beading!

I have to thank the Nebraska Bead Society for bringing me the opportunity to take the Sherry Serafini class in May.  She is an AMAZING teacher and I certainly wouldn't have made this without the class and her inspiration!  Also Jen Martin gets a HUGE Thank You for designing such a fun and wonderful face!  I love Jen's faces because they have so much character (without being "creepy" doll faces~too many horror movies about mannequins and dolls as a teenager!) and they are very high quality, great prices, and wonderful to work with!

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Linda K. said...

What a creative use of beading! I love the gorgeous frame you made around this face--and the surprise generated by "Frankie" inside the beads is genius.

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