Monday, September 27, 2010


Remembrance, My Art Bead Scene Blog Carnival Topic.
As glass and jewelry artists, we are often asked to make special requests.  We almost always accept the assignments, as they add to our customer base.  We have made special items for:
  • collections, a white rhino, a bunch of fish, 
  • German style mushrooms for Christmas momentos
  • blue whales for a bicycle team
  • sculpture pieces made off mandrel so there are no holes showing
  • a necklace for a granddaughter from her grandmother celebrating her years in 4H
  • a doggy keychain for a sister that had lost her pet
  • dachshund beads for a gal who wanted to make a special gift for a friend
  • jewelry to thank some really nice beauticians for accepting packages of medicine for a guy with cancer while he is at work
  • tomato earrings for a birthday gift to surprise a wife
  • broccoli ceiling fan pull and broccoli earrings for gifts for a college roommate

Regardless of the request, we are honored to be asked to undertake our special requests.  It is not always an easy thing to make what is requested and it is not always what we want to make.  Sometimes doing special requests is difficult and a bit stifling to creativity.  Making what a customer sees in their mind is not the same as creating pieces from our own ideas.  But it is part of our business and we are honored and humbled to be asked to put the love and caring into the gift items for the special people in the lives of our customers.


JeannieK said...

I love the list of special request items you made. Very interesting.

I have to agree that sometimes a commission piece is difficult because that person themselves doesn't have a clear vision of what they want and we have to figure it out or dig it out of them.

That doggie glass bead is so cute.

Pixybug Designs said...

Thanks! It is difficult doing specials but worth it when they are happy! Chris (my hubby) does the lampworking and he is so amazing at the tiny details and sculpting critters!

TesoriTrovati said...

What a nice remembrance of those special clients in your business! I was told by an artist lately that she didn't do commission work because she had a bad experience. They either have to love her work the way it is or leave it. I understand but I countered that she was missing out on one of the key things for me as an artist... knowing the story of the person who is asking for the art. And being open to the possibilities that an encounter can have. I can tell that you are very open to that. Thanks for sharing! Enjoy the day!

Pixybug Designs said...

I agree with you! As tough as special orders can be, we almost always enjoy the story and reasons for the item being made. Also, the willingness to take on special orders has increased our business greatly, and those customers have shown that they come back over and over again because you will help them with that special item. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

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