Thursday, September 2, 2010

Meet Suki Su

"Cats are intended to teach us that not everything in nature has a purpose." - Garrison Keillor
;The trouble with cats is that they've got no tact." - P. G. Wodehouse
"One cat just leads to another" Ernest Hemingway 

  Three weeks ago today, I was at work at my full-time book keeping job.  I do books (and reports and maintenance, and c-store managing, etc) for a group of locally owned gas stations.  The station I work at sits right beside a state highway.  That Wednesday, I came into our c-store (I work in the building across the street that houses our office), and one of the gals I work with asked if I needed a kitten.  I said "no, Chris won't allow us to have anymore cats".  She said they got this one off the highway that morning, and didn't know how it hadn't been hit since traffic was going on both sides of the highway.  So being a sympathetic animal rescuer from way back, I stepped around the building to check out the situation.  OH MY GOODNESS!  She was just a tiny baby, and a Siamese!  This plays heavily into the story, as my husband totally loves Siamese cats.  When we were in college, he had two on separate occasions and they were stolen!  Sounds like something from a villainous Disney movie!  So when I called him about the kitten, he said no.  I said, but she is just a tiny baby and she happens to be a Siamese!  Guess what?  Kitten got a new home. 
  We are calling her Suki.  Chris tends to call her Suki Su though.  All of our cats end up with a name and a nickname.  It is just the way things roll here. 
  Now, we have two other adult cats that are well into their adulthood.  They are not thinking too highly of this new living arrangement.  Suki is currently our "studio" cat, residing alone on the front porch, while the other gals reside on the back porch.  While, Sabrina and Sassy are not crazy about our new addition, we have not seen either of them play as much in years.  This morning, Sabrina was fetching the furry mice like she did as a kitten!  That was fun to see.  She and Suki are almost to an impasse that  they will play together, but then Suki gets too excited, and we end up with yowling and hissing.  When Suki first pounced on Sabrina's flicking fluffy black tail, the squawking was very impressive!  It brought Mina and Sassy to find the source of the trouble. 


Jen V. said...

I loooooove sweetie baby Siamese kitties!!! Have fun with the playing and fun...and with the hissing and drama! haaaaaaa

Pixybug Designs said...

Even with the drama, it is very funny to watch. Suki's face is getting darker already with her points coming in. She was a holy terror this morning! :0)

Kitties & Cupcakes said...

What a doll! I wouldn't be able to pass up a Siamese either! If Chris already gave her a nickname, she's already won him over. ( :

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