Monday, July 26, 2010

Isn't It Romantic!

Awhile back, on Facebook, a video game company I playtest for, PlayFirst, was running a contest.  They wanted to hear your romantic story of meeting your significant other.  So, since I love to tell the story of me pushing Chris off the sidewalk while we were in college that led us to be married for 19 years after dating for 3 years, I entered us.  AND I WON!!!!  We have a couple named for us in the latest edition of the Wedding Dash series, this one for the iPhone or iTouch (which I just happen to have).  How cool is that?!!!  So I got the email today with the picture of our page in the game and had to share it with you!  Pretty funny to see the demands for our wedding, neither of us care about the Sistine Chapel, and we both love tomatoes.  Our wedding cake was pretty nasty, so I don't think I would mind the tilted layers!

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