Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Wait Until You See...

Chris got back from his Omaha class on Sunday, and while he was a bit brain dead from the all day class plus the 3 hour drive home, he had some really amazing pieces with him!  He didn't so much as make new things as learn different techniques for what he has been doing.  The twisties that Heather taught them to pull for using on the buttons and beads are just WOW!  Really cool, with lots of detail, so I hope that they will photograph well.  Chris was thrilled to sell one of his tiny little chick beads to Heather!  He was honored by her interest and her comments on his beads and marbles.  What he brought me home was totally unexpected!  I got Heather Trimlett earrings and a large hole pendant in "Steph colors"!  Lime green and pretty turquoise blue!  (He also brought me the British beading magazines I asked for from Barnes and Noble).  I started reading these magazines last fall, after coming across them at the bookstore.  I would love to subscribe to them, but the prices cause me heart palpitations!  I love the differences in beading styles, techniques, and bead trends that they have in England, just very interesting to me.  Almost a beading "anthropology" study!  Some day I would love to visit England and Ireland!  Where would you like to visit that you haven't yet?  Have a good day, I will get those twisty pics up as soon as I can!

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