Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Photos of This and That...

I dumped pictures off the camera Sunday night when I was uploading items to Etsy.  Here are some jewelry photos from our December 5th show.  From the left, a close up of my favorite lampworker, some necklaces and bracelets, a shot of half of our table display, Chris and I (a rare shot, Thank You Leslie!), Bees and Honey earrings (bee charms with citrine and carnelian) and Chris doing demos at the show.


    Dena E's Blog said...

    Hi Pixybugs,,just happened upon your blog and you do have some really delightful, HAPPY and beautiful creations!!!
    Not even sure how I came to find you but how neat and your just out in NE. Do pop over to my blog and get to know me a bit, I'd be thrilled. May God continue to bless you 2...Much health and happinesses to you both and best wishes in your business.
    Hugs from Dena in Iowa

    A big reason I began my blog was to hopefully make some online friendships through the miles, so I do hope i hear from you.

    Pixybug Designs said...

    Awesome! I love making friends on the internet! Thanks so much for the wonderful comments and blessings. I started blogging as a way to show our items when I started our business in 2007. My husband, Chris said start selling or stop buying beads (wow, that's a tough one!), and then in July of that year I told him that if I am doing this then so is he, so he took the lampworking class and the rest is an amazingly blessed history. God definitely put us in the right place at the right time. I will stop over to your blog! Thanks for the comments!

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