Thursday, February 4, 2010

New Friends...

Yesterday, I made a new internet friend.  When I had finished working with Jamie from The Critter Company, I clicked over to her blog and after looking at her really cute pictures, I looked at her followers and clicked the SugarberrySensations picture and followed the link to her blog, which got me to her Etsy store because her polymer clay sculptures were so adorable!  I have worked with polymer, and I really admire anyone who can get the stuff to look like anything recognizable!  So anywhoo, I was at the SugarberrySensations shop and noticed that she was located in North Platte, NE!  What a small world!  Through a gal that lives in South Carolina, I would meet a fellow artist, who only lives a couple hours from me in my state.  As it turns out, Lori also knows Chris's relatives, Janet and Les that run Dancing Leaf Lodge, which happens to be just south of North Platte.  Check out Lori's Valentine's giveaway to win this cute bunny.  Details are on her blog


SugarberrySensations said...

Stephanie, Hiiiiii *Waving* =)

Can you see me waving at ya? From just across the way I'm waving! =)
Are you getting this snow? We don't have any acumulation yet, it's just big, wet flakes!

I can NOT thank you enough for this INCREDIBLY sweet post!

I'm going to post it on my blog!

You made this day an even better one! ♥THANK YOU♥


Pixybug Designs said...

Well, Lori I could see you waving, if I actually were outside! : )
Yes, we are getting the heavy wet snow. UGH! So tired of winter!
Glad to do it, I am glad to have something fun to write about! Glad I made your day, you made mine too!

SugarberrySensations said...

Hi Stephanie, my new friend!

I've given you a Sunshine Award!! Meeting you and reading your blog, seeing your incredible work, brings Sunshine to me! Please check out my blog to read about it! =)


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