Friday, February 26, 2010

I Have A Problem...

You might be a beadaholic if:
You work so you can buy beads. (Yep, that's me)
You sneak beads into the house.  (Been there, but just forgot they were in my purse)
You have a separate container for "orange." (No, purple does not count.) (I actually do)
You obsess about the one issue of Bead & Button you don't have. (Usually, Bead Unique instead)
The dustballs under the furniture remind you of really fluffy beads. (We have covered this, except I pull beads out of the dust bunnies)
You bead in the car at stoplights. And you're thinking about beading the car.  (Haven't done this at stoplights, but have gotten home and wasn't sure how, since I had thought about beads the whole time I was driving.)
Your kid's first words were "Pretty beads, mama!" (That was my clue...) (Mina just rolls her eyes, takes a lot to get her excited about beads anymore.)
Don't despair, there is help available! Place this card on your website, and someone, sometime, will contact you. Trust me, you are not alone. ;-)

I found this on the internet this morning and wanted to share it with all my "beadaholic" friends!  Glad to know you, and please know you are not alone.  The first step to better beading is admitting you have a "problem". Have a terrific weekend!
Clip art courtesy of

Aunt Molly's Bead Street

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