Friday, January 29, 2010

This Week I Have...

  • Mailed my Destash bead goodie bags to Wisconsin and Essex, UK.
  • Returned to beading after about 6 weeks of making NOTHING!
  • Made 2 necklaces, a double strand bracelet, and working on finishing a GORGEOUS loopy fringe bracelet using Chris's new frit focals and my seed bead fringe in deep matte wine and opaque lime green with Swarovski crystals on EVERY loop!  This bracelet is my donation the Art for Art Lovers event at the Graham Gallery next month.
  • Cooked pot roast, visited the chiropractor, and ran errands on my day off.
  • Gotten excited for our monthly Seed Beading Meeting (tomorrow in downtown Hastings at Julie's if you are interested in joining us).
New pictures coming soon, hope the sun cooperates!  Have a terrific weekend!

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