Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Upcoming Update!

Happy Wednesday! Just wanted you to know we are still here, starting to get ready for the Holiday Showcase at Graham Gallery and the Christmas Craft Show at Blue Hill (December 5). We deliver to Angela in about 3 weeks, and it is time to get serious, so I am not stressing at the last minute! I have been fighting with my depression the past 6 weeks or so, and concentration and energy have been an issue. I have started using light therapy to supplement the other treatments I use and I do have a bit better concentration after 4 days of treatment, but I know this is not the "miracle" that will instantly fix me. Definitely willing to try anything that will help! Saturday finds Chris working his part time job in the afternoon, and I GET TO GO TO SEED BEADING!!! I love Seed Bead Saturday! Our group meets the last Saturday of the month and we spend a couple hours cackling like hens in a chicken house, catching up on each others lives, and oh yes, seed beading. This week we have a special guest coming to work with us. Jodie Marshall from Lincoln is traveling in to teach us her "Pagoda Pendant" class. FUN, FUN, FUN! Sunday, Chris and I teach Sunday School, after church we have a Potluck Dinner (YUM) and in the afternoon we are going as a group to package food for Kids Against Hunger in Hastings. A wonderful organization, and the program not only helps feed people around the world, but part of it stays in central Nebraska to help our local food pantries also. Hope everyone has a safe and SPOOKY Happy Halloween!

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