Monday, October 12, 2009

Lincoln Bead Show = Success!

We returned home late Saturday night after a successful day at the Lincoln Bead Show. We had really great sales and we both found some fun and beautiful new beads to work with! I picked up some really pretty strands of kiwi stone, chrysacola, conglomerate jasper, mystic jasper (love the name!), and unakite. Also, two large crystal pendants, a gorgeous strand of green and purple furnace glass, some fun and funky Beady Girl Beads (mine has a large lime green peace sign and multi colored flowers all around it, Chris got 2!), and I fed my seed bead addiction from the folks at 5z's. Pictures soon! When we got out of bed yesterday and checked email, we had a gal from Indiana interested in one of Chris's Frankenstein beads, and through the magic of email, we had it sold by the end of the day! Love it when things work out! In other Nebraska news, snow fell Saturday, Sunday, and is falling right now! Weird the calendar says it is October and still fall! North Platte had 15", that is just crazy! Way too early for winter to start! This week finds us filling special orders from the shows the past two weekends, sponsoring Mina's 1st Jr High marching band competition in Minden Saturday, going to Grand Island Sunday for Mina's Girl Scout Advisory Group meeting, and getting her ready to start basketball practice Friday. With those things and putting the house back together after 2 weekends of shows, we will have the week filled! Hope you have a great week and that it is not snowing where you are!

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Carla said...

Hi! Sounds like a great weekend! And the new jewelry in your Etsy shop is really, really pretty!

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