Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Have You Heard Of Twilight?

I assume that you have, (unless you are living a sheltered life, and don't have a "teenage" daughter). The "Twilight Saga~New Moon" soundtrack is being released today due to high demand! So I thought I would show you what I have been up to in my jewelry world inspired by the Twilight obsession!

This was the display at the end of my table at the Fall Festival. I used the fan magazine to catch the eye of females walking by. Most of the time they didn't notice the jewelry that went with the theme! Gee, I wonder why? : )

These are the latest in my Twilight inspired jewelry. Team Jacob or Team Edward earrings. Who do you choose? Either way, we all win! Thanks to Stephenie Meyer for providing a connection between moms and their daughters and friends! Can't wait for the movie. Opens November 20th, just in time to celebrate my birthday with my Gals!

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