Saturday, November 22, 2008

Pixybug Bling Part 2

These earrings combine Swarovski moons, silver shade and indigo crystals. They all dangle from sterling heart chain. I think this photo is cool because it shows the facet cuts on the moons.
These are vintage bling! These large crystals came from an old necklace which I took apart, and cleaned the beads. I don't know that they are Swarovski, but they are definitely leaded crystals. I really love this color.

This is my favorite new fringed bracelet. I am not sure what the large rectangles of coral color are, but I think they are so awesome. My favorite color is coral, which my closet can attest to! These beads were some, that as soon as I bought them, I knew what to do with them. The seed beads use a peachy opal finish in size 11 and 8, tiny gold plate size 15, and size 1.5mm cubes also in gold plate that I found on vacation in Missouri. A fringe bracelet by me wouldn't be complete without crystals, and in this case they are size 6mm padparadascha Swarovski.


Caitlyn Julia said...

Ah jeez i really love the moon earings feeling a vampie theme i do not know why?!

Pixybug Designs said...

Really, cuz all I was thinking at the late night hour I made them, was wow these are blingy! They would work for the vampire "twilight" thing though too!

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