Sunday, October 19, 2008

More Little Monsters

If this little red monster looks sad, it is probably due to the fact that he is lying on one of the cacti in Chris's collection. (Chris likes to get "arty" with his backgrounds!) That is great because it does add to the photo. This little guy is a bead, and the hole runs horizontally between the eyes and above the arms.
This is a marvelous little sluggy guy made by Chris. I just love the expressions he gets on their faces! Sluggy is a bead, but he also has a nice long sluggy tail, so we haven't quite figured out how you'd be able to wear him comfortably. But he does sit up on his own.
This little periwinkle monster has already gone to live with one of our favorite customer's Carol. She loved him, and we strung him on a purple cord that went through the horizontal hole and then came up to his eye stock where we did a knot. I thought it made the monster look like he had his hair up in a purple bun on his head!

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