Thursday, September 18, 2008

New Items Part 1~Make Jewelry, Not War!

This is a gorgeous multi strand necklace that has a fun and funky acrylic flower as its focal. I really love the flower focal, and the vibrant red just begged to be put with the favorite colors of Nebraskans! Reminds me of the "Flower Power" type flowers from the 1960's and 70's. "Make Jewelry, Not War" should be the motto for this necklace!

These are more rings I worked up over Labor Day weekend. I love the yellow one with the tiny buttons and the lacy edge. I was going to use a Swarovski rivoli on the lavendar one, but couldn't find the right bead magazine that had the ring pattern in it! I only have a ton of bead magazines, but evidently not the one I needed at the time! If anyone knows which one I am talking about, please help! Those poor lonely rivolis are dying to have a ring of their own!

Here is another version of the "Make Jewelry, Not War" necklace. This time in purples, and lime green. Mina wore it to school today with her favorite Tinkerbell t-shirt, and said her teachers really liked it! What's not to love though!
Finally, for this part one post, a gorgeous bracelet of autumn colored spacers made by Chris and some were also etched for a great effect with the shiny spacers, and he put the bracelet together with copper spacers and a great hammered copper toggle.


Carla said...

Fun stuff! Enjoyed seeing the jewelry and the things in your yard.

Stephanie & Chris Haussler said...

Thanks Carla, I was pretty dopey from being tired, but I like your style of scheduling the blogs ahead of time, I did that last night for the next several days.

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