Monday, August 11, 2008

Vacation's over now back to reality...

Hello! We made it back from vacation and are glad to get back to the daily routine. Don't get me wrong, the break was very welcome, and I had a great time at Worlds of Fun. Chris and Mina weren't as adventurous (spelled crazy) as I was, but they said they had fun too. I really enjoyed all of the roller coasters and had fun with my brother and niece and nephew, who were just as crazy as me. Chris said he enjoyed listening to my crazed giggling from the ground! I can't help it that is how I react to riding the rides, I just start laughing crazily and don't really even know that I am doing it until someone says something about it. Oh well, it could be "roller coaster Turret's syndrome" where you use every cuss word and can't control that! Laughing is much more polite! The wedding went well, though there were many disasters to be averted during the day of the wedding. It was very romantic and the evening turned out to be just perfect. On a sad note, we found out on our way home Saturday, that Chris's Grandmother had passed away early Saturday morning. Her funeral is in Arapahoe on Wednesday. She was 96 years old and had a full life. I hope to get some pictures up from vacation and of Mina in her wedding garb (she was so BEAUTIFUL and looked WAY to grown up!) soon, if the picture upload and my camera can cooperate long enough to do that. Is anyone else having this problem?

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