Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New on Etsy

Would you believe I have items listed again on Etsy! Check it out. Not many, but keeping all those balls in the air is a challenge! A note of clarification, our house was not hit by a tornado, the inside just looks like it was! After I posted the other day, I went back a couple days later and reread what I had written and I was definitely in a fog of exhaustion. I appologize for any confusion. Now on to some new pics!

Chris, Mina, and I on the top of the observation tower at Platte River State Park.
The "Girls" hanging out at the top of the observation tower at Platte River State Park. There are SO many stairs to get to the top of that tower!

The results of "Our Big Girl Scout Adventure"!
Our crazy cat Sabrina, "helping" us pack for the Cottonwood festival.

Here is a new pin that was for sale at Cottonwood, but hasn't sold yet. I really love how this one turned out! Around the goddess bead are tiny 2mm Swarovski rounds.

Our Cottonwood Festival booth set up. This is the main table of jewelry.

Our side table with Chris' beads and a bit more jewelry. The earring display was made by local artist, Sally Buss, who is another of the artists at the Graham Gallery. The earring display now belongs to Pixybug Designs! It worked so well and matched our other displays, we just had to get it!


Angie said...

Love seeing your pictures. Your booth looks very inviting -- and your GS trip looks like loads of fun! Boy, do I remember the days of loading up vehicles full of kids and taking off on adventures!

Stephanie & Chris Haussler said...

Thanks Angie, the past week was a blur, but fun! It is always fun to goof off with the GS's and not work at my job! The table set up changes with the seasons, but I really love the flowers with the jewelry.

Carla said...

Your Cottonwood display is gorgeous!

Carla said...

Your Cottonwood display is gorgeous!

Stephanie & Chris Haussler said...

Thanks Carla! I really enjoy changing it with the seasons, and it is always fun to keep an eye out for pretty table/display stuff. I got the hot pink shawl on clearance at Great Dames, it is actually silk! They said the scarves were popular with the belly dancing gals!

Nicole said...

I loved seeing the beads being made and talking to both of you! It was good seeing you and your work.

Stephanie & Chris Haussler said...

Thanks Nicole, it is fun to watch Chris torch, you just can't believe that something that starts out so simple, can be so detailed and cool when finished! It was fun to get to visit with you guys too!

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