Monday, March 17, 2008

New Items made last week

Here is one of Chris's very fun mushrooms he made to take to Kearney.
Here is the Skull which sold at Kearney, and I wrote about in the previous blog entry.
These are two new swirl style beads made laste week, and the colors are gorgeous.

These are the birdie beads (the nest picture didn't turn out so well). Aren't they fun and full of springtime? LOOK FOR THEM SOON AT beads and botanicals!

This MOP necklace also features citrus seed beads, and Swarovski crystals.

This MOP bracelet features copper findings, lampwork by Jodie Marshall (from my stash of Jodie beads) and a larger copper bead. One of my new favorites! What a shame it didn't sell in Kearney (wink, wink)!

Another MOP bracelet (it was a MOP type of week!) this time with pink seed bead mix and pink Swarovski crystals, simple but springy!

This fun and funky creation features coconut shell, red and blue seed beads, czech glass, and copper. Very cool, wouldn't it look great with your favorite tshirt and blue jean capris?


Carla said...

Pretty stuff!! I especially like the MOP necklace--what a great piece!

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