Saturday, September 22, 2007


Are you aware of the concept of serendipity? Described in the dictionary as "making fortunate discoveries by accident". In our case it is stopping by to show friends what we have made, and making sales of jewelry which we did not expect to make. Not only did we make sales but we also are going to have our work displayed at ...(drum roll please)... Graham Gallery in Hastings, Nebraska. Angela Graham has a fabulous (no not just because she is showing our stuff) art gallery, which we love to visit and have attended several of her show openings. Mina even got her very own piece of art from Angela's gallery last Christmas. She does a grand job of showing local talent and it is just so cool to have anywhere to go to give Mina an appreciation for art. She has developed her own taste in art, and loves doing sculpture. It was a truly blessing filled day today, and I hope that yours has been also.

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