Thursday, September 13, 2007

new beads by Chris

These lovely spacers were made by my talented, glass mad husband! Aren't they beautiful? We have them sitting in a glass dish on the table and they sure brighten up the table! The new camera certainly improves the quality of the pictures, don't you think?!


Angie said...

Very pretty beads. Not sure my hobby will ever make beads for me but he enjoyed helping me buy them when we were in California on vacation. I'd say we've got a couple great guys, huh?

Carla said...

Gorgeous beads! Steph and Chris, you two are both very talented. And welcome back, Angie! Hope you had a wonderful vacation.

Stephanie Haussler said...

Thanks Girls! Love the spacers, and you should see the ones he made last night! Yes, Angie good husbands are hard to find, but I think we have both (and Carla, Jerry too!) manage to find GREAT ones! I really love sharing the beading bug with Chris and Mina too, and it is just bringing us closer together with that connection!

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