Monday, August 13, 2007

Weekend Notes

Monday has rolled around again, and this week school starts! In fact it starts tomorrow. I really don't understand how time flies by so quickly, and days blur together. Mina has her backpack ready to go, and we have to pick out the outfit, take the first day of school picture, pack her lunch, and she will be off. They start at 9:30 this week and 8 next week. I did quite a bit of beading over the weekend, though it never seems to get as far as I would like. I am nearly finished with a lovely pink and brown fringed bracelet. Chris and Mina are not crazy about it, but the color combination is one that is popular these days. Chris has been busy making beads with paw prints for a line of Blue Hill Bobcat bracelets I want to make, and some beads with eyes on them, that appear to be looking out of the bead at you. Well, they fixed our bookkeeping computer, so I had best get started catching up entering from last week. Have a great day!

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