Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Pressure rising...

UGH! The pressure of trying to get the jewelry done that I want to get done for the show is starting to make me want to curl into a ball and hide! I am doing it to myself, I just want to have enough to sell for two weekends. How much is that? I HAVE NO IDEA~I HAVE NEVER DONE THIS BEFORE! My husband says make a list of what I want to get done, but WHO HAS TIME TO WRITE! LOL...I am currently working on a 3 strand olive green necklace with green garnet chips, and other lovely fall green beads (I have a poor memory for what stones are called). I made my first bead fringed pendant and beaded bail last night. Turned out pretty great for my first one. I will get pics of it up as soon as I finish beading the 2 strands of the necklace. Got one done last night. Then I have several bracelets I want to get fringe on, and I have some gorgeous buttons I want to make into bracelets. All this with a full time job that I am behind on because I have finally developed a life outside my job, and GS will be starting in a couple weeks. If only I had a cloning machine...Yeah I need crazy science problems on top of all this! Have a great Tuesday!


Angie said...

Keep breathing -- one breath at a time! What gets done for the shows will be wonderful -- what doesn't get done will be something brand new for next time. High pressure stress can steal the joy of doing what you love.

Sure wish I could live the advice I give ALL the time! I'm prone to that dern stress, high expectations, surely I can do one more thing in the 45 seconds I have left mode of living.

Several years ago a friend told me that I often said, "As soon as I get through this thing, I should be able to relax and get things in order in my life." Problem was (is) - there is always a THING. I think I've finally realized that there is not really much calm after the rush because if there is, I create another rush. So, I'm trying to learn to just stop the rush and relax or do something meaningful with the people I love when the opportunity presents itself because the opportunity to live in the rush will always be there.

Hang in there, whatever you get done will be OK. In fact, it will be perfect. Sometime less is more. I think customers can get overhwelmed by huge displays.


Stephanie Haussler said...

Thanks so much Angie for a bit of perspective. I agree there is always the next "thing" and most of the time I feel like there is a super ball bouncing in my head with all the thoughts richoceting in there! Thanks for the support and friendship! I am always in awe of how many friends beading has brought to my life!

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