Friday, August 3, 2007

New pictures soon!

We had to hunt for the camera yesterday. Well, we are usually hunting for something in our house~we are not the best at putting things where they should go, so consequently we have frequent treasure hunts! We did finally find it, and I will get some pictures taken when I get home tonight. I made 3 pairs of earrings, started a bracelet to go with one set, and made a pendant for another necklace. I got a spur for more motivated beading...I have to have my stuff in for the craft show by the end of the month!!! Yikes! Where does time go~Mina starts school again in 11 days! So in the words of my ever insightful daughter "No more computer games for you Mom"! I am a total video game addict, and a reading addict, so I have to step away from those and get in gear! I do have a lot of jewelry ready, but I do also want to get more done to send as it is a two weekend craft fair in September. I have categorized and decided to save the Christmas stuff until after this fair, and then focus on the ornaments, snowmen, angels, gift ideas, etc. to send in November. We are going to an art exhibit opening tonight at Graham Gallery in Hastings and looking forward to it. If you are in the area, stop in and see the antique post office box doors that have been made into several art exhibits. See you there~click on the Graham Gallery link on the left to check out Angela's fabulous gallery!

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