Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My Kid of the Week

I just had email notification that my sweet, goofy daughter is this week's KSYZ 107.7 Kid of the Week! I nominated Mina back at the beginning of summer, and she had listened every Friday morning to see if this was the week she would win, and now that she is back in school when she can't listen on Friday am, she won! The kids get a plaque, a Pizza Hut certificate, and a gift from Union Bank in Grand Island. The reason I nominated her is...well she's a great kid! Now I know I am biased, but she helps her Grandma who has Parkinson's disease, along with numerous other problems, and she does her chores with only minor grumbling. I love her, that is why I nominated her! What great kid do you have in your life? Tell them you think they ROCK!


Carla said...

Congratulations, Mina!

CaitSann said...

i nominate myself because im sweet...and a lots of other stuff...and im smart to yeah me and my coollege classes...lol...jk thats cool congrats i know im way back but you know i had to catch up...lol

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