Friday, July 20, 2007

Happy Birthday, Mina!

Today (Sat.) is Mina's 10th birthday party. We are swimming (wow what a surprise!) at the Aquacourt in Hastings and having pizza and DQ blizzard cake to follow! Chris and Mina were going to go to the Harry Potter party in Hastings last night, but Mina was already pooped and we thought the bday party beat out the Harry Potter party. That said, my copy of the final book should be here soon, and while I can't wait to read it, I am also sad to see a favorite series end. A great number of people have had good and bad things to say about the series, but in my opinion, ANY book that is printed in many languages and gets millions of kids to pick up a book and be captivated by reading is a GREAT THING! Thanks J.K. Rowling for the years of entertainment, and for giving my family a topic we can discuss intellectually. I love to read, and love to get kids to read, so I'd say she has done an awesome thing with her stories. Also, look how much more science fiction/fantasy is available since the Harry Potter series came out! Hooray for imagination and sharing it with your favorite kid!


Carla said...

Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday dear Mina, Happy birthday to you!

And Steph, I love the Pixybug logo!

Stephanie Haussler said...

Thanks Carla! I found those stickers at the dollar tree, and they worked out nicely! The party was fun, sunburned again though! Not as badly, but you can see the spots we missed with the sunscreen!

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