Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Well it's Wednesday...

Sorry I haven't updated for a few days, work has been consuming almost all my time. Busy is good for business, but really eats up my free time! Saturday night we took Miss Mina into the E.R. due to a water gun incident with her father. She zigged to get away from the squirt gun water Chris sprayed at her (she is soaking wet, why move at all?!), and crashed into an old washtub flower bed in our backyard. She dented her shin and it swelled up immediately. She was using the "I've lost a limb" cry, and that is the one that seasoned parents pay attention to. We were concerned that she might have fractured her leg, but all turned out fine. She has a lovely "war wound" to show her friends, and anyone who doesn't mind hearing the whole story. She has more bruises that we didn't know she had even gotten injured in those spots. Sunday was church in the morning, and much to our sadness, our pastor has resigned effective the end of August. We went to the water park in Hastings in the afternoon, and met up with our friend Chris and her kids. Fun! Monday and Tuesday were consumed with work, though Mina and Chris' interview for the Hastings Tribune was on the front page and also was the lead in for the story on the fishing derby. Very Cool! Now it is Wednesday and after work I hope to finish the project I am working on so I can move on to the next one. Chris finished a modified macrame bracelet last night, so hopefully I can get some pics up this evening. Mina and I watched movies last night while beading. We saw Happily Never After (not great) and Music and Lyrics (awesome!), one out of two isn't too bad. I love both Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant, so it was a win/win in that perspective. It was a very romantic movie and funny. Loved the references to the 80's and they had great chemistry. Check it out if you get a chance!

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