Friday, June 8, 2007


Good Friday to you! Today is Chris and my 16th wedding anniversary! After the first year, it was a great deal easier to make it the other 15! Yesterday we got to have lunch at Heartwell park in Hastings with our friends Leslie, Sami, Taylor, and Tanner. I picked Chris up from work to drive me home from a dr appointment, but we picniced first and he and the kids fished. They were having a great time until I had to go to the dr. I rolled over in bed yesterday morning early probably about 4am and the bed was spinning around (at least in my head it was)! I have what is called an ear stone and I had this happen about 4 years ago so I knew almost immediately what it was. The treatment is quite interesting. They turn your head right or left and then hold your head in that position before lying you down. When you lie down, you immediately become dizzy, and I mean you feel like you are falling off the table dizzy. Chris was with me in the room the last time they did it and he could see my eyes vibrating! The drs watch your eyes until they stop moving and then adjust your head in that position until your eyes don't vibrate. That tells them the stone has moved off the little hairs in your inner ear. So once they get it adjusted, then you get to wear a neck brace for 48 hours and you can't sleep lying down for that period of time. So I slept sitting upright last night and I am off from work today as I am not supposed to look down. Mina and Chris were great help last night and Mina is helping me out today. I get to spend the day in my jammies, but not by choice! I have to wait for Chris to come home to help me with my neck brace to change my clothes. You always dream of days where you can laze about the house in jammies doing what you want, but most of what I want to do involves looking down! It is pretty hard to seed bead when you a} can't see what your hands are doing and b} can't see the beads! Hope your day turns out better than mine is starting!

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