Monday, June 4, 2007

Just Another Manic Monday...

To coin the phrase from Mina's favorite Bangles song, everyone I have talked to today seemed to agree with that! I was about ready to rip the phone out of the wall at work, as soon as you put it in the cradle it would ring again. We had the rear drive unit go out on the fuel truck at work and that is just a couple weeks after the transmission went out of the boss's pickup. I was off at the end of last week, so I started the day by digging out from not being there, and spent most of the rest of it pulling work from the end of May, since our bookwork goes by months. The individual stations we do on a daily basis but then we reconcile all the bank accounts, sales tax reports, fuel inventories, and fuel reports besides probably twenty other things too tedious to mention. So about the time I finish work on one month the next one is done and the process starts all over again. I am nearly finished with a fringe bracelet that is haunting my every waking beading moment, so I can finally start on something else. I had a gal contact me via email about an aqua and lime green version of the tropical splash necklace, so now that those beads have arrived I want to get started on that. Pics soon!

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