Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Pirates of the Caribbean 3...

Here it is my review for the new POTC3 movie. LOVED IT! Orlando Bloom FINALLY fulfilled the expectation of being a sexy pirate. I didn't think he pulled it off in the other 2, but WOW he certainly did in this one! Keira Knightly's performance with her character Elizabeth Swan was also amazing. What an awesome roll model for girls to see a strong, smart woman challenging male authority to do what she believes is right and ends up with the goods to show for her hard fought independence. Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow was as always hilarious in his confused and confounded way! Geoffry Rush, who plays Captain Barbosa, was tremendous as always. He is the perfect pirate. He has the swagger, the brogue, and the villany to pull it off and yet you can't help but love him as a bad pirate. He played very well against Keira's Elizabeth. The respect was obvious there that Barbosa didn't think Elizabeth was just another vacant woman with nothing going on upstairs. He was more of a father figure to her than that of her own father. The filmmakers were smart to keep all of the origional supporting cast as the pirate crew and Jack Davenport who plays Admiral Norrington in the movies was really great in all of them, but really came full circle with his character in the third film. If you have the chance~DON'T MISS SEEING IT IN THE THEATER!

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