Thursday, May 10, 2007

Beginning Seed Beading

This was one of the first seed bead projects I made. It started with someone talking me into coming to the Central NE Seed Bead meeting at Beads and Botanicals in Hastings, and this is how it ended up! The way I look at it is if I did this as a starter project I can do anything now! I did about throw it through a window a few times, but this project taught me patience (something I sorely lack) and the basic stitches used in seed bead projects. With help from the ladies in the group and the instruction sheets, I did manage to finish it in about 3 months. Each section uses a different stitch and the dangles on the bottom do hang down, just not in my picture. I have one started for Mina in bright Gypsy colors, but I am not progressing very fast (certainly not as fast as she would like) with making jewelry and work and Girl Scouts and church and housework (which I don't do enough of), etc... Wouldn't it be awesome to clone yourself to do all those mundane tasks in life, and be able to concentrate on the fun ones? Though the cloning experiments usually go terribly wrong (see Multiplicity with Michael Keaton, or Jimmy Neutron and Kim Possible cartoons) and I certainly don't need to try to add cleaning up science disasters to my life list!

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