Thursday, May 31, 2007

And How Are You Today?

Yes, here is another pic of my goofy cat Sabrina. She obviously failed her kitten test when it came to the part about not allowing people to photograph anything but you bathing the base of your tail. The expression on her face was so comical I couldn't help but put it up here. I have been working on another patriotic bracelet making fringe on it. I came up with a couple other ideas I want to do, so it kind makes me antsy to finish this bracelet to move on to the next project. If I don't finish one, I will end up with a box of started but not finished projects like I have for sewing and embroidery. There is something very thrilling about the hunt for the perfect supplies and starting the project, but that quickly wanes and it ends up in the started but not finished box.
I am nearing the 1000 mark on my visitor counter, which pleases and surprises me to no end! I enjoy looking at my account that shows where people visiting my blog are coming from. I have had visits from all over the U.S. and also from France, the United Kingdom, Hungary, Japan, and Italy. Very Cool! Thanks for being interested in my jewelry and what I have to say!

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