Thursday, April 12, 2007

My hearts...

Yeah! It is Thursday! Thursday a favorite day? It is for me, because it is my day off from work and my day to do what I want (spelled need) to do! So I started out with bagging up GS badges, and making a list of the ones I still need to get for my girls. Next I added up what it will cost us to go to camps this summer (spelled UGH!) and a list of what some of the girl can do to finish up work on a couple other badges we have started. Then I fought with my jewelry, camera, and my inability to photograph my jewelry! Now I am writing to you! Busy morning considering it is only now 8:15 am. This lovely (though my pic doesn't do it justice) necklace was one I was inspired to make around Valentine's day. I received an honorable mention (thank you, thank you-no applause please:) )in my first ever jewelry show at the Central NE Bead Show in Kearney, NE in March. The lovely hearts were hand crafted by the very talented Carla Kocher, who owns Beads and Botanicals in Hastings (have you been to her blog and website? I have the link on my page to the left). She makes beautiful silver and copper pieces and I came up with the idea above to connect the two hearts with some silver jump rings and then put the rest together (also modeled after an idea Carla had-she is brilliant!) with red jasper, snowflake obsidian, black Swarovski crystals, gray pearls, and various sterling silver beads. It is hung with black cording knotted around silver rings. I love this piece and I was pleased to have it borrowed by Kristin Kohmetscher to wear to her first prom. I have made several pieces for Kristin, so having her wear this one was great publicity for me, and I have earrings that I made especially for her to wear with it but they refused to be photographed this morning. One of them went so far as to hide in a shoe! My I am funny this morning-must be the lack of sleep I am getting lately due to a cold. Anyway, I hope I have made you smile, and have a happy Thursday!

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