Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Hospital Waiting

Hello, I didn't post yesterday as I had spent about 18 hours at the hospital and was pretty brain drained by the time I got home. I did manage to start a new necklace project that is similar to the Tropical Island bracelet which I made for Mina, I will post it as soon as I am finished. I spent Monday night at the hospital in the sleep lab. For those of you who aren't familiar with what a sleep lab is where you are tested for sleep disturbances and disorders. I personally have hypopnea which is that my breathing is so slow in sleep that my oxygen levels drop. My brother has sleep apnea which causes him to stop breathing altogether in sleep. My parents have a combination of the two, but have not been tested for it. I had to go in to have the CPAP levels figured out so I can get my machine for home to help me sleep better. That is a machine that forces compressed air back through a mask you wear while sleeping. Not the most pleasant way to sleep, but the sleep I have had lately has been more unpleasant. A lesser of two evils. Then after the sleep study I spent the day with my Dad in the waiting room of the hospital while my Mom had her knee replacement replaced. She had the first one done last August and due to pretty bad osteoporosis the pin slipped and they had to go back in and remove the first one. She had the bottom of the knee replacement taken out and a new one put in with a longer pin that goes further down her bone to help support the new replacement. It was a day of tedium and bad tv channels. I did start work on a fringed purple bracelet with pearls and abalone shell so that will also get posted when I finish it and I will put it up on Etsy. So it is off to work I go, have a great day (do you hear dwarves whistling?)!

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