Wednesday, April 4, 2007


Good morning! Maybe that should be cold morning! Ugh, I hate going back to cold and blustery after having warm and beautiful. The sun is making an appearance this morning so hopefully that will make it seem warmer and we can hope they are wrong about the snow we are supposed to get tomorrow. I have been working on my beaded earrings to go with the citrus sunrise bracelet, but not getting very far. We will be gone this weekend for our annual Easter trek, so I will be silent (at least here!) until Sunday. We spend Thanksgiving and Easter with Chris' (my husband) family at his Aunt Janet and Uncle Les' place near Wellfleet, Nebraska. They live on an old Boy Scout camp, and have turned it into an Native American education center. There is a museum of fossils and artifacts, a gift shop, and cabins that can be rented. They reconstructed an Earth Lodge and you can stay in it also. They serve buffalo stew and give tours and educational presentations on the lives of Native Americans. There have been visitors from all over the world and they have almost constant visits from school groups. We stay in the museum when we go out, and Mina thinks it is fun to sleep under the huge buffalo head that is hanging on the wall! Janet and Les also have a beautiful sundial and a medicine wheel on the top of a tall hill, so the view is amazing. It brings into focus the meaning of sunrise service on Easter morning. It is also a fabulous place for stargazing.
So that is where we will be going, there are usually about 40 of us that come and go over the weekend, and the little kids love to hunt Easter eggs in the woods. We also have a tradition known as woolly bugger hunting (basically hide and seek in the dark), that dates back to when Chris was little. His cousin Troy and he got scared silly when their Grandma Meyers' dog came charging at them out of the darkness and they nearly wet themselves trying to get back in the house! So they always said the woolly buggers were after them, and that is how a tradition starts. We have tons of great memories from the times we spend at Janet's and I wish you the same for whatever plans you have for Easter. Just remember that the true Easter meaning has nothing to do with jelly beans and Easter bunnies and everything to do with God's amazing sacrifice for us. Happy Easter!

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Happy Easter, Steph!

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