Friday, March 15, 2013

Couch Art

I have been busy with this project:
This project I made from instructions in this book:
This book is by Nobuyo Chiba and it can be purchased here.
The beaded couch is very similar to the book pattern, but I changed some of the ways it was stitched because it made more sense to me.  I also made up the rug myself, from the rug dimensions in the book, but I have been sick all week (again) and so I really had trouble following the book patterns.  I ended up doing an odd count peyote.  Chris made the lampshade, and I made the stand for it which even has a "light bulb"!  The table is also a design from the book, and after making the couch and rug, took NO time at all!  It was fun and I don't know that I would do the project again.  The couch alone has over 1000 3mm Czech glass beads!  I had to place a wholesale order for a MASS of beads in order to have enough for the project!  A mass = two hanks which is about 12 strands of 25 to 50 beads depending on the bead size.  That my friends is a LOT of beads!  The beaded pieces I waxed with Pledge liquid floor wax to stiffen them up.  The rug was tight enough that it didn't have to be waxed.

Now WHY you ask would I make such a crazy project?
Graham Gallery is having an open art exhibit "Couch Art" which I entered. 
The opening reception happens tomorrow (Saturday, March 16) at 6:00 pm at the gallery!  Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words...

This adorable little girl spent some time at our Marble Crazy Booth on Saturday, and I couldn't resist snapping her picture while she was unaware.  I think the look on her face says everything about Chris's marbles.  Amazing, beautiful, and SO COOL they just call out to be touched!  We had a wonderful show, doubling our sales from last year!!  Here are some other pics from the show:
One of my newest Sonoran Necklace creations!  I sold 3 different variations on this style at the show!!

2/3's of the Pixybug team (Mina was hanging out somewhere) with our table set up for the show

Chris doing marble demonstrations at the show.

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