Monday, June 22, 2009

We Survived!

We made it through the Cottonwood Festival! That is not really a surprise, but it is exhausting. We had a great show, met lots of wonderful people, hung out with all of the fun artists from Graham Gallery, and there are lots of people wearing Pixybug jewelry or have new beads to play with! Now on to the Flatwater Festival, this coming weekend at the Prairie Loft Center, also in Hastings. We will be exhibiting on Friday afternoon/evening and from 10 til 10 on Saturday. Stop out for great music, food, and crafts! Be sure to stop and say hi if you do!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Cottonwood Week

This is a big, crazy, busy week for us. Mina is going to spend tonight and Tuesday night with Grandpa and Granny H. to help with the crazy schedule. She is going to do her first Girl Scout P. A. (program aide) assignments at Camp Cosmo on Tuesday and Wednesday. This could have been an issue since she has to check in at 8:30 and is done a 4:30, which doesn't jive with the work schedules of Mom and Dad. Grandpa and Granny to the rescue! God Bless Them! So we take her to their house tonight and pick her and Grandpa's pickup, up from there Wednesday night. She has band lessons (God Bless Mr. McMurtry, too, he is so AWESOME!) Thursday morning, (I am taking a break from all this craziness to get a pedicure on Thursday am), then she has her sports/7th grade physical in the afternoon. We are having lunch with one of our favorite friends, Carla, also on Thursday to do crafting show and tell. I have lots of great new jewelry to show her, and she is going to show us her really fun key fobs. In between all of this craziness, we need to take pics of all the stuff we have made, price it, pack it, pack displays, tables, Chris's demo table, tools, glass, and be ready to set up on Friday for the weekend at Cottonwood Festival in Hastings. If you are going to be in Hastings, please stop by and seek us out in the Graham Gallery Artist tent on the east end of Brickyard park this year. Lots of great family things to do, kids 12 and under are free, a weekend advance pass good for all three days is just $15, and that includes a Charlie Daniels concert on Saturday night. My sleepless nights have begun (and I wasn't even staying up to make jewelry), so if you here no more this week, you know where and what we are up too! Hope to see you this weekend at Cottonwood!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Car problems, no pics, beading like crazy...

Happy Tuesday! We woke up this a.m. to thunder and lightning and a tiny bit of rain. I think that by the time we heard it start it was over! But we are thankful that we were not hit with the large amounts of rain and hail they had last Friday not so far from here.
We have been suffering through a spurt of car problems. This seems to fit the "when it rains, it pours" addage. My 1999 Subaru Outback had to have a new engine put in (ugh)! Today, our 2000 Impala will have a new tie rod, ball joint, and hub put on the front end. This will be followed closely by having it aligned after the repair.
On the beading front, Chris spent almost all of Saturday at his torch and made some wonderful stuff! I spent most of Sunday beading, and was up until 1am this morning with another round. Chris came out and chased me to bed or I would have been at it longer. I didn't sleep that well, so I should have probably just kept beading!
Mina comes home today after spending several days with Grandpa and Granny Haussler who live just north of Hastings.
Pictures will be taken soon, sorry for the delay!

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