Saturday, March 31, 2007

Spring Garden Bracelet

This is my version of the Spring Garden bracelet idea from Carla at Beads and Botanicals. I have worn it several times and I have had loads of compliments on it. It has fringe beads to help make leaves, Swarovski crystal butterflies, and crystals and freshwater pearls for flowers. Even on gloomy days it makes me feel like I am wearing a piece of springtime on my wrist!

Mina's Bracelet

We are going to a wedding next month and this is a bracelet that I made for my daughter Mina to wear with her dress. She is nine and very excited because it is her first wedding (we live a very sheltered life!). I am excited because it is at Joslyn Art Museum in Omaha. Her only request of the bracelet was to make it look like a fuzzy caterpillar. Mother Nature I am not, but I think it turned out well!

Easter Bracelet

Here is my finished Easter bracelet. I will be listing it on Etsy. I hope you like it!

Green Bead Thing Challenge

This is a necklace I made for the Green Bead thing challenge at Beads and Botanicals in February. It took me most of a month to complete (mostly due to taking apart and breaking needles) and I donated it to the Goldenrod Girl Scout counsel to auction off for their annual meeting silent auction. The proceeds will go towards the Camp Cosmo remodeling funds. You can also see it on the Beads and Botanicals blogsite.

Gloomy weather makes for great beading!

It is very gloomy, rainy, and cold here today. I hope that where you are is much nicer and warm! After getting used to the nice spring days, this is pretty hard to take. Once I am done with my work (what I get paid to do is bookkeeping/convenience store manager), I am going to work on what I love! I have some lovely spring fringe bracelets that I am working on. The current one is pastel Easter egg colors with a large peachy colored rectangle mother of pearl shell. As soon as I am done, I will get the picture up for you to see. That way it will brighten your day as well!

Friday, March 30, 2007

A New Beginning

Well, here it is! This is my very first blog entry. Thanks to a great deal of encouragement from family and friends, I am starting to sell my handmade beaded jewelry on-line. I also have started the blog to go with my jewelry to show my designs and just add another creative outlet for me. I have made some awesome friends through beading and hope that you enjoy my creations.

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